Our Story

Soil&Co started as Soil Design, which is a boutique graphic design and illustration studio based in Cape Town which is recognised for it's classical designs and artwork. This enthusiastic design company was formed by sisters, Kara and Mieke Wertschnig, one being a graphic designer and the other an illustrator with collective expertise in identity, print, packaging, textiles, maps and the African environment. To see full portfolio

Their Inspiration: “As kids we were brought up in a home surrounded by botanical artwork on the walls, which our mom collected over years. From fish, flowers, birds & fauna to Exotic tapestry wall hangings, you name it. This is definitely where our inspiration came from.” Soil&Co

The Soil&Co Original Collections of prints featured in our store and online were created though callage art or hand illustration. The Wonderland Collection celebrates the Revival of the art of the amazing artists that are no longer with us. High-res Images selected & cleaned up by us to create collections with matching cream or black backgrounds. Prints come in sizes A4-A1. Printed on art paper. To see full portfolio of prints